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(the clue in the crumbling wall)



Shelter Exhibition

@ Million Fishes Gallery/ june 4, 2005


conceived/performed: biba bell

also with: phoebe seligman & leanne wierzba

photos: ivy chuang

music: suicide, mick turner, mooney suzuki


a dance lasting one hour, loosely referring to aspects of "Who Me House" which took place in the exact same window space for 15 consecutive nights just over 14 months ago...


TCITCW began.

i was escorted into the window space,

a place i knew oh so well from my previous WHO ME HOUSE extperiment.

leanne & pheobe were my escorts/undercover dancers/bodyguards.


they brought me to the window, to the store front stage


there were 3 vantage points for the audience in terms of viewing the piece:

1. from the street, through the store front window in which all pedestrians could spectate the piece;

2. the view from the gallery was partially obscurred with a divider/board, and i could hide from the audience; from time to time i felt this necessary, even in the midst of "performance";

3. and the completely exposed view from the gallery, i was seen absolutely and in entirety...all expressions and such were clearly viewed, accentuated, and realized; this served as a more traditional "stage" view.


there were three parts to the piece (TCITCW solo)


playing upon the notions of personal life and awareness, combining it with the public personae. in recognition of the public eye as it were, constant and demanding as it has the tendency to be. what must one become? what are the subtle and sometimes invisible borders of this interplay, audience and performer; reacting and receiving, push and pull, give and take?


perhaps i have the desire to be demanding..... to pull myself and the audience out of the comfort shell, and confront the solitary self that hesitates to look up. i want to force those eyes to see. as it so happens, to see me... what else do i have but the power to expose, to power to reveal- myself, my vessel, my body state mind, she.





1. i re-emmerged into this thoroughly explored space & shelter. it had nurtured me previously in my performing experiments. thiis was a time for me to re-inhabit the space and reveal myself (to myself), and my existance to the audience. i became confrontational with the people in the gallery who were watching. i pointed at them, i looked at them directly, & they saw me too; i emphasized the phenomenon of my own physicality and made them somewhat aware of their own. this was something that people in the audience were drawn to. this was something that people in the audience were also repelled and maybe confused by.


*the music for this section was SUICIDE (live at CB's)



2. leanne & phoebe came in, turned off the music, i froze. they came up onto the ledge where i stood and put a long, black blindfold over my eyes. then they left, turning on the beautiful, haunting landscape music of *MICK TURNER.

this was my sleep section.


i lie down.

i move and go in.

dreams happen.

thoughts emerge out of the deep psyche and tell me things...

i dare myself to forget about the audience.


3. my guardians changed the music quickly.

it then turned into *MOONEY SUZUKI


mooney suzuki rocked loud and i woke up.

i was still blindfolded.

leanne & phoebe had special things that they had been preparing for me...

leanne threw stewed tomatoes at me, phoebe had guns, water guns, and she aimed them at me, squirting the window, at me on the otherside. they ran up and down the siedwalk laughing and screaming and shooting and throwing the tomatoes until the whole window and sidewalk was covered....


i was inside, i had my blindfold, i could not see but i could feel things and sense commotion. the tomatoes made a loud noise every time they hit the glass, the water guns where poised always at me.


eventually i took my blindfold off and threw it on the floor.

someone picked it up and put it in their pocket. those blindfold covetors.


i then began to realized what was happening, the violence of it, the violence i had rehearsed and choreographed; which i was illuding to & illustrating.


first was the initial shock, myself flailing, inline and tone with the commotion, i was scared, i was angry, i was disheveled.


then a great calm claimed me. i sat and watched.

looking out the window i saw and i pushed myself somewhere beyond/apart.


was this my liberation or my undoing?


the questions posed in the disarray.

it interested me.

i'd like to do it again.



(at some point later in the evening there was a reference to the french revolution.... hhmmm.... it was the tomatoes)