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"But thrilling dancing isn’t just found at the ballet [...] Biba Bell, also appearing at the Kitchen with MGM Grand in “Nut” and at Dance Theater Workshop in a work by Walter Dundervill, brought an all-consuming fullness to the stage. It’s invigorating to watch someone who borders on wild."


- Gia Kourlas, NEW YORK TIMES



"The last thing I saw was the hustle. Though there was some sophistication to what Ms. Bell and her crew did, a nod to postmodern dance highlighting the pivoting orientation of popular dances, it’s hard to be smooth when your feet keep sinking into the sand and the 30-minute exercise took on some of the character of an endurance test.


Neither sophistication nor smoothness was the point, of course. Collective joy was. And when Stevie Wonder’s “My Eyes Don’t Cry” came over the sound system, I was as happy as anyone else. The dancers could have almost been a flash mob — and then, suddenly, predictably, they were, as audience members joined in on that Electric Slide, that hustle, kicking up clouds."


- Brian Seibert NEW YORK TIMES







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